how to apply

  1. 01

    Thoroughly prep your nails

    Remove all nail polish that may be on your nails and wash your hands with soap and water to ensure a clean base for your press-on nails.

  2. 02

    Push your cuticles back

    Push your cuticles down with the wooden stick to open up your nail bed (this step is optional, please be careful not to damage your skin and nails).

  3. 03

    Shorten your nails

    Use the nail file to shorten your nails and remove excess oil and shine from the surface of your natural nail with the nail buffer.

  4. 04

    Clean nail surface again

    Clean your nail surface again by using the provided alcohol wipe to get rid of any dirt and oil that may be still on your nails.

  5. 05

    Time for your new nails

    Apply a layer of glue on the surface of your natural nails (avoid the cuticle area) and press the press on nails firmly down for about 10-20 seconds. (Do this step one finger at a time).

    Don’t use any cuticle oil after applying the press on nails, this will loosen the nail glue and mess with the longevity of the nails.

how to remove

  1. 01

    Soak hands in hot water

    Soak your hands 10 to 15 minutes in a bowl with hot water and soap.

  2. 02

    Take off press on nails

    Use a wooden stick to gently push upwards under-neath the nail until it pops off.

  3. 03

    Remove excess nail glue

    After removing the press ons, use nail buffer to remove excess nail glue.

  4. 04

    Rehydrate your nails

    Apply a nail oil or creme to rehydrate your nails.